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New national standards for inclusive care
People with intellectual disability experience barriers to accessing safe and quality care. New national standards called the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) have been released to support the right of people with intellectual disability to equitable healthcare. NSQHS Standards

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My Lived iD is a resource for people with intellectual disability and their families, carers and health care professionals.

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Working with people with intellectual disability

When working with people with intellectual disability, it’s important to ensure that the person feels included and that they understand what you are communicating.

The Council for Intellectual Disability have a tip sheet on how to communicate inclusively with people with intellectual disability.

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mental health service providers

A list of mental health services for people with intellectual disability and their carers.

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Knowing how to advocate, or how to find advocacy support for yourself as a carer or for the person you care for is important.

Disability Gateway

Disability Gateway has information and services to help people with disability and their families, friends and carer to find the support they need in Australia.

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