ID: population-based estimates of the proportion attributable to maternal alcohol use disorder during pregnancy

This study examined the association between maternal alcohol use disorder (AUD) and intellectual disability in children. Researchers found that at least 3.8% of all of the cases of intellectual disability could be prevented by reducing alcohol use by the mother during pregnancy. One-third (32%) of children diagnosed with fetal alcohol syndrome had intellectual disability.

Working towards a shared framework in the diagnosis of Neurodevelopments Disorders in Australia: A Gap Analysis

We are currently aware that there are Australian clinical guidance documents for diagnosing a range of complex NDDs are either under development or recently published. Currently there are no formal systems in place to coordinate, evaluate or review these clinical guidance documents for NDD diagnosis. This may lead to lower rates of adoption, confusion among consumers and clinicians, and poor quality assessment outcomes. In addition, a lack of coordination between diagnostic procedures and guidance documents may lead to time and cost inefficiencies that create significant consumer and system burden.