My Lived iD is a hub for people with intellectual disability, their families, carers and health care professionals.

It has been created by the Centre for Developmental Disability Heath.

The Centre for Developmental Disability Heath (CDDH) provides support and information to people with intellectual disability and their families and supports in Victoria.

Through many years of bridging the relationship between health and disability, CDDH, a state-wide Centre of Excellence that provides specialist medical care for Victorians with intellectual and/or developmental disability, is aware of and concerned about the lack of information on mental health services available to people with intellectual disability.

In 2020, CDDH received funding from the Commonwealth Department of Health to develop an online Hub for people with intellectual disability, and their families and carers to access mental health care.

In addition, the Hub will host relevant resource and training for health care professionals, with the aim of building the health sector’s capacity to respond to people with intellectual disability and better support their mental health.

grandfather sitting down on a sofa with his two grandchildren and his daughter
Female senior doctor welcoming / greeting special needs boy at hospital

The Hub’s mission is to make a difference.

Our mission is to provide information and resources that are trustworthy, up to date, accessible, inclusive that meets your needs and to make a measurable difference in the mental health and wellbeing of people with intellectual disability, their families, carers and supports.

Nothing about us without us

The CDDH recognises that people living with disability are the experts on their own experience. Their expertise and contribution are the cornerstones of CDDH’s work.

We acknowledge that people with cognitive impairment have asked governments and organisations to do ‘Nothing about us without us’, articulating the need for people with cognitive impairment to achieve full and equal participation in decision-making processes which impact on their lives.

That’s why people with intellectual disability were involved in the development of My Lived ID. They helped to make decisions about how the Hub works, what it looks like and what information it has on it.

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