Yes I would love to come to your party

Thank you for your invitation

I can’t wait to talk to you again

So long since I’ve had a conversation


Just give me a couple of days’ notice

My free time is not something I own

Actually I don’t have the spare hours

I’m a bit trapped back here at home


My daughter has bound me in a confine

I’m not able to get out very much

I can book people to help her for me

But that all depends if they turn up


Before Covid we had a great team

I could get to an outing I’d booked

Now searching for a service provider

They’re short of staff too when I’ve looked



Oh damn, I’ve run out of butter

This means I have to go to the shops

I can’t leave the house for too long

I’ve got a maximum an hour by the clocks


I’ll duck out for just a few moments

Get to look at the town that I live in

Sneak a bit of time to myself

And pretend that such freedom is a given


I waste spare minutes and hours

That pop up in between her feeds

No point in starting a project

I keep stopping to attend to her needs


But thank you again for your invite

It’s nice to know you think of me

My old self is still around here somewhere

But as for me at your party? We’ll see