The MHIDI-Y service, is part of the Neurodevelopment Stream at Alfred Health, Infant, Child and Youth Area Mental Health and Wellbeing Service (ICYAMHWS) located in Moorabbin. MHIDI-Y is a specialist clinical mental health service that provides multidisciplinary assessment and treatment with in a case management model to children and young people aged 12 – 25 years living in Melbourne’s local government areas of Port Phillip, Stonnington, Glen Eira, Bayside and Kingston. MHIDI-Y has a family/carer inclusive approach and engages these important people in the treatment process to support the wellbeing of their loved one. MHIDI-Y makes reasonable adjustments to care to support the mental health recovery of young people with an intellectual disability, for example the use of visuals and Easy English materials to build skills in emotion regulation.  MHIDI-Y also provides specialist consultation to external services such as Paediatricians, Private Psychiatrists, Neurologists, GPs and NDIS services who work with young people with an intellectual disability and mental health concern/s and require a specialist psychiatric opinion.