Are you thinking about work?

Everyone can work is a website for people with an intellectual disability care get work. Here you can learn about:

  • Why work matters
  • Open employment
  • Employment support
Man with down syndrome working in supermarket

Do you need help looking for work?

Everyone can work

The Everyone work employment pathway can find the help you might need.

The Council for Intellectual Disability

The Council for Intellectual Disability has workbooks that have information and tips to help you learn and grow skills.

This workbook helps you to think about having goals about work.

Developmental Disability Western Australia

Developmental Disability Western Australia has guides to support young people to start their career journey.

The Disability Gateway

There are supports and services available to help you get the skills and confidence to find and keep a job. The Disability Gateway has information on employment and how to get the support you may need.

More Than Just a Job for Me

Everyone has the right to work and enjoy an ordinary life. More Than Just a Job offers 3 FREE training programs.