Earlier in the year SANE launched a new digital and telehealth service to provide support for people with complex mental health needs. The service caters to the autistic community and those with an intellectual disability seeking mental health support and can be accessed via the My Lived iD hub. The service is currently available for self-referral and referral by a health professional in selected regions across Australia.

People who refer into the service will be able to access to their own personalised program of online or over the phone counselling. SANE CEO, Rachel Green, comments, “When a person is referred, they are welcomed, befriended and supported in a way that works for them and their recovery. People will have access to counselling, peer support, group activities and health information, all through a best-in-class digital platform designed for them to easily access what they need, when they need it.”

SANE is the leading national mental health organisation for people with persistent, recurring or complex mental health issues and trauma. It proves a range of free digital and telehealth services to support them and their families.

“People are facing longer waiting lists for help than ever before. Some people can’t afford care and others are simply being forgotten – or told it’s not severe enough yet to warrant more support” says Green.

“We know thousands need a support service that is more than a one-off counselling session; a service that provides continuity and connects them to others who can help make sense of what they’re going through and support them through tough times.”

My Lived iD and the Centre for Development Disability Health at Monash Health endorse the work and the services provided by SANE. By working with providers like SANE, My Lived iD aims to provide better mental health outcomes for people with intellectual disability.