Moss-PAS Assessment comparison

The three interviews are NOT screening tools. They each cover all the necessary symptoms, not a subset of them. There are, however, some differences between the Moss-PAS (Diag ID) and the other two (Moss-PAS (ID) and Moss-PAS (ChA)).

PracticeConnect Intellectual Disability Resources

A person with intellectual disability is at high risk of poor health, chronic disease and unmanaged ill mental health.

By focusing on quality improvement activities in your practice you will be able to ensure your clinicians and practice staff are able supported and trained to offer patient-centred, comprehensive care to people with an intellectual disability.

POLAR Walkthrough

How to use POLAR to identify patients with an uncoded diagnosis of intellectual disability – YouTube

Self-advocacy for the NDIS (Mental health) Resource booklet

Self-advocacy involves speaking up for yourself and knowing your rights about the things that matter to you. Independent Mental Health Advocacy (IMHA) have developed a self-advocacy model to assist you to be able to speak up for yourself. The model was co-produced with people who have experienced compulsory mental health treatment or have used mental health services.